Emmanuel Agu

Profile Updated: June 25, 2018
Emmanuel Agu
Residing In: Ashland, MA USA
Occupation: University Professor, 07/2002
Spouse/Partner: Nkiruka Agu
Children: Anderson, born 2012; Alexander, born 2014; Allyson, born 2016
Website: http://web.cs.wpi.edu/~emmanuel/
Yes! Attending Reunion
School Story:

The KC art class was too much fun. Ekpo, the art teacher used to make us each bring fruits to class so that we could paint them. The plan was always the same. We painted the fruits and then Ekpo would carry them off to be consumed.

But the guys in the art class also had a bond. The vibe while we worked was a fun one. I was always teased about painting male faces that all looked like the same "coal miner". Lots of good jokes in that class.

Sports were also exciting. Soccer for Harmans and athletics. And of course Karate and Taekwondo were formative sports.

What have you been up to since you graduated?

I got a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at University of Benin in 1994, came to America the same year, got my Masters in Computer and Electrical Engineering in 1996 and my PhD in 2001, both from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Massachusetts. My research expertise is in wireless/mobile computing and computer graphics.

These days I conduct research in mobile healthcare. I apply artificial intelligence techniques to smartphone sensor data in order to detect various ailments. For instance, I have an app that can detect when a smartphone user is too drunk to drive, another app that automatically analyzes chronic wound images to determine if they are healing properly.

Day or Boarder

Mostly day student, but border for two haaaaaaaaaaaard years.

University or other institution attended:

University of Benin (undergrad) and University of Massachusetts, Amherst (grad)

Course of Study at University/College:

Electrical and Electrical Engineering (undergrad) and Electrical and Computer Engineering (grad)

Favorite Teacher at Kings College? Why?

Mr Ekpo of the art class and Nkeruem (Match) oooohh yes!!!

What as your proudest moment at Kings College Lagos?

I think winning 2nd place in Junior 60 meters and fighting 20 yellow belts for my blue belt grading, were two moments that make me smile

Which Fellow student inspired you the most at Kings College? Did that Change? If so why?

I think my close friendships inspired me more than anything. I still prefer having a few close friendships

Societies you belonged to in Kings College?

Any society that was having a "day" at QC or KC

Which House were you in?

Harmans House

Class Arm:


What was your intended profession at the time of graduation from King's College? Did that change? If so, why?

I initially wanted to be an architect because it seemed to combine my love for art and tech. But eventually, engineering and computing was a more practical path, which I have travelled down ever since KC

What did attending King's College teach you about yourself and life in general?

KC was a melting pot of overachievers. Everyone had big dreams like "becoming a millionaire by age 30". We all left with full confidence that we could become whatever we set our minds on. It's this confidence that I think was the biggest gift we got from KC

On a personal level, if you could change one things about your tenure at King's College, what would that be?

Not much. It was a complete experience.

What is your level of satisfaction with what you have been able to give back to the School subsequent to graduating?

Not very satisfied. But hopefully that will change

What key change would you like to see implemented concerning King's College (e.g. facilities, KCOBA) as it currently exist?

I would like a better way to connect with current KC boys as a mentor (e.g. social media). I feel that some of the skills some of us have are more valuable than money or infrastructure projects

Best Position achieved at Ikoyi Run:

I don't think I ever finished Ikoyi run. I have many medals in sprinting. But Ikoyi run was a killer

Current Industry of Endeavor:

Computer Science

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